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Unlock Boundless HDMI Expansion with the HE03L-4K Extender

Revolutionise AV Installations with the SC&T HE04SEK

Ethernet over Coax: Enhance Your Security Cameras Without Rewiring

DisplayPort & HDMI Unraveled: Latest Comparisons, Advantages, and FAQs

Master Remote Device Management: The HKM01-4K HDMI KVM Extender Guide

Dahua Certified Training Sessions

HDMI Extenders Uncovered: Find the Perfect Type for Your Setup πŸ–₯οΈπŸ”Œ

Revolutionize A/V Installs: HE01ERK HDMI Extender Unveiled πŸŒŸπŸ”Œ

SC&T's 4-Port Long Reach PoE Extender: Boost Your Network Performance

1KM HDMI to Fiber (Single Mode) Transmisson

Upgrade Coax cable for IP Cameras, Effortlessly with the IP01!


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System Clock - Daylight Savings Time

Choosing a Shock Detector

Grow your business with SATEL

Our Cornavirus (COVID-19) Response

Labgear Long DistanceπŸ“ Fibre Optic HDMI Cabling

Special features in SATEL OPAL Plus detectors

🚚 Dahua Innovation Van / πŸ† Win a €200 booking.com voucher

Dahua Solution Guide to Mask Detection 🚨 😷

Dahua TiOC (3 in 1 Cameras) Full Colour, Active Deterrence & AI

Ever wanted to have HD CCTV images on every TV in your property? Well, it's now possible with this new HD Labgear EM1001 modulator.

πŸ’‘#UNV Wrist Temperature Reader Solution #AvailableNow

#Focus+ Mounting Essentials from B-Tech AV Mounts

AI Capacity Control Management


Online Delivery Offer (Updated for 2020!)

Distribution deal agreed between IC Plus and SATEL

The Dublin, Ireland edition of the Dahua Technology Showcase at the Guinness Storehouse - September 24th 2019

The new 2019/2020 range from our partners in Panasonic

Updated September 2019 Pricing, our 2019v3 Q Guide

We have further enhanced our co-operation with Dahua

Security Twenty 19 - Security Trade Events in Belfast and Dublin

We are delighted to introduce the Imou range of Smart IoT range of IP Cameras

Q2 2019 - Uniview Product Updates (Wi-Fi Kit and more)

The brand new Uni-OS from Uniview

Alibaba invests $520m in Uniview Parent Company

Electric Car Charger now available for customer use

Our Electric Vehicle Initiative

H.265 Spot Monitor Appliance, the new IC Realtime STREAM-3s-016