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WD Purple Vs. WD Purple Pro Surveillance Hard Drives

Advanced Smart Video Solutions with the Next Generation WD Purple HDDs

Master Uniview IP Solutions with Our Uni-Plus Certification Training

Unlock Boundless HDMI Expansion with the HE03L-4K Extender

Revolutionise AV Installations with the SC&T HE04SEK

Ethernet over Coax: Enhance Your Security Cameras Without Rewiring

DisplayPort & HDMI Unraveled: Latest Comparisons, Advantages, and FAQs

Master Remote Device Management: The HKM01-4K HDMI KVM Extender Guide

Dahua Certified Training Sessions

HDMI Extenders Uncovered: Find the Perfect Type for Your Setup πŸ–₯οΈπŸ”Œ

Revolutionize A/V Installs: HE01ERK HDMI Extender Unveiled πŸŒŸπŸ”Œ

SC&T's 4-Port Long Reach PoE Extender: Boost Your Network Performance

1KM HDMI to Fiber (Single Mode) Transmisson

Upgrade Coax cable for IP Cameras, Effortlessly with the IP01!


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System Clock - Daylight Savings Time

Choosing a Shock Detector

Grow your business with SATEL

Our Cornavirus (COVID-19) Response

Labgear Long DistanceπŸ“ Fibre Optic HDMI Cabling

Special features in SATEL OPAL Plus detectors

🚚 Dahua Innovation Van / πŸ† Win a €200 booking.com voucher

Dahua Solution Guide to Mask Detection 🚨 😷

Dahua TiOC (3 in 1 Cameras) Full Colour, Active Deterrence & AI

Require HD CCTV images on every TV?? Try the Labgear EM1001

πŸ’‘#UNV Wrist Temperature Reader Solution #AvailableNow

#Focus+ Mounting Essentials from B-Tech AV Mounts

AI Capacity Control Management


Distribution deal agreed between IC Plus and SATEL

Dahua Technology Showcase at the Guinness Storehouse - Sept 4th 2019

The new 2019/2020 range from our partners in Panasonic

Updated September 2019 Pricing, our 2019v3 Q Guide

We have further enhanced our co-operation with Dahua

Security Twenty 19 - Security Trade Events in Belfast and Dublin

Introducing the Imou range of Smart IoT range of IP Cameras

Q2 2019 - Uniview Product Updates (Wi-Fi Kit and more)

The brand new Uni-OS from Uniview

Alibaba invests $520m in Uniview Parent Company

Electric Car Charger now available for customer use

Our Electric Vehicle Initiative

H.265 Spot Monitor Appliance, the new IC Realtime STREAM-3s-016