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Dear Customers & Partners,

We are delighted to announce we have partnered with VIVOTEK to deliver one of the world's most trusted IP Surveillance providers to the market.

As one of the world's most trusted IP surveillance solutions providers, VIVOTEK delivers intelligent security, control, and management for a safer society. 

Founded in Taiwan in 2000, they are widely recognized for their expansive technical capabilities in imaging and audio, specializing in IP cameras, video management software, and edge-based AI video analytics.


NDAA is the abbreviation for the National Defense Authorization Act. Compliance with this US law, and specifically Section 889, is of key importance when system integrators and developers want to bid on projects with customers in the United States.

VIVOTEK is committed to providing NDAA Section 889-compliant products. Our cameras, POE network products, and NVRs are compliant with the National Defense Authorization Act.

“A key requirement of the VIVOTEK growth plan for Ireland is that we partnered with a stocking distributor that had the IT skills needed for complex network design capabilities and was an established supplier of surveillance solutions to physical security integration companies. In IC Plus, we have found the right partner that meets those requirements. Ireland in 2023, with a renewed combined energy, can now deliver VIVOTEK products, AI Solutions, and NDAA compliant designs complete with the required training and knowledge because of the VIVOTEK and IC Plus partnership”, quoted by Stacey Lien, Head of VIVOTEK EMEA branch office.

If you are a customer already with access to your online account, the VIVOTEK range is now available with pricing on our B2B portal. Alternatively, reach out to our team at 01 699 4444 or hello@ic.plus to discuss your requirements around projects, etc.

To learn more about VIVOTEK, you can access the VIVOTEK website here.