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The brand new Uni-OS from Uniview

Posted by Mark Costello on 12-Jun-2019 09:00:48
Mark Costello


The new operating system from Uniview is almost here, coming July 1st the new operating system will bring several enhancements to the already solid and easy to use operating system shipped in today's product.

Below is a sneak preview of the new user interface:

Boot-Up Wizard


Live Screen / Quick Toolbar

New Homepage

Main Menu

The new layout places frequently used icons to the front, playback options like VCA are now easily accessible from the main menu.

Camera Thumbnails as shown below offer more information directly on screen such as offline error codes.

Main Menu


You can now directly switch between normal and smart based recording from the one playback screen.

Smart Playback


We are really excited to see these improvements being made by Uniview that benefit the end user ultimately, and make the OS ready for AI inclusion in future products.

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