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Revolutionize A/V Installs: HE01ERK HDMI Extender Unveiled 🌟🔌

Martin Griffin
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Revolutionize A/V Installs: HE01ERK HDMI Extender Unveiled 🌟🔌

HE01ERK is an HDMI extender that supports transmission distances up to 70 meters and a resolution of up to 1080p@60Hz. You can simply use an an economical CAT5e cable to extend the signal without any power adapter. The extender is also built with a dongle design, allowing you to directly connect to an HDMI display without actually applying an HDMI cable.

Use a Small Plug to Send an HDMI Signal over CAT5e


HE01ERK is an HDMI Extender, with Built-in Chipset, and Easy Installation

With the transmitter (on the HDMI source side) and the receiver (on the display side), HE01ERK can use a single CAT5e network cable to display an HDMI signal on a remote monitor.


HE01ERK is widely used in a scenario that requires short distance extension for HDMI signals, such as NVR to monitor, PC to TV...etc. It's a compact device that can easily and quickly install your A/V environment.

Easy Installation, Plug-and-Play

HE01ERK is easy to operate. Only need to use one network cable to connect the transmitter and the receiver. No configuration is required.


Special Designed, Mini Micro USB on transmitter Unit

Although the price of some passive-type HDMI extenders is cheap, there are a variety of complaints about the extender sold on eCommerce websites. The most common issue is that the products can not function as advertised, which includes:

  • Short transmission distance, even using high-quality cables.
  • Video/ audio loss.
  • Image distortion.
  • Wrong instructions cause improper installation.‍

Mini USB Design

The extender typically extends the signal based on the 5V power from the HDMI source device, high-quality cables, and installation environment. To remain a stable connection, the mini USB port allows you to solve the following issues:

  • When the environment has interference, you can use the mini USB port to provide sufficient power to stabilize the connection.
  • The mini USB port can also act as an indicator that helps installers to identify transmitters from receivers.





Follow the instructions below to install the product.

  • Make sure Tx connects to the source device and Rx connects to the display.
  • Keep a distance between link cables and equipment with electromagnetic waves, such as microwaves, cellphones, power cables, and more.
  • Do NOT bend the link cables, avoiding signal interference and unstable connection.
  • The transmission distance may vary by connected devices.
  • Do NOT use STP cables. Otherwise, the video can not be shown properly.
  • It's highly recommended to use high-quality CAT5e/ CAT6 cables.
  • The product does NOT support HDCP protocol.
  • The product does NOT use the AVoIP technology.


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