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Choosing a Shock Detector

Bert McGaughey
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Choosing a Shock Detector


Shock detectors have been critical components of intruder alarm systems in Ireland for several years - they are a crucial element of perimeter protection for all properties. 

Perimeter detection can broadly be categorised into two methods...

✅ detecting intruders who have gained access to the premises (often via magnetic contacts)

✅ detecting intruders who are attempting to gain access (often via shock detectors)

The latter option is clearly preferable, why?

👉 to respond to a break-in before it happens

👉 to avoid any damage to doors or windows

Of course, if you can combine both a magnetic contact and shock sensor in a single detector this is the best solution because you cover all bases.

Manufacturers have used a range of different technologies for shock detection which have changed and developed over the years. The most common technology historically was a piezoelectric sensor which was deployed in the industry for a long time with mixed results.

SATEL were one of the first manufacturers to adopt the newer, more reliable accelerometer technology in their shock detectors.

Accelerometers are generally more accurate and reliable than piezoelectric sensors, due to these characteristics modern shock detectors offer increased flexibility during installation.

The European standards for shock detectors known as EN-50131-2-8 were updated in 2016 to adopt requirements for this new technology. Installers should always look to specify shock detectors which meet the specifications of the latest European standards, such as SATEL MXD-300

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About SATEL:
SATEL is a EU manufacturer, active in designing, production and sale of high-quality electronic alarm system devices. The product range includes control panels, sirens, detectors, monitoring stations, radio controllers and switching mode power supplies.

Both hardware and firmware is based on innovative technological solutions, entirely developed by SATEL's expert engineering staff of the in-house R+D department. Constant investment in new technologies paved the way to the company's leading market position. Moreover, the ability to recognize and satisfy customers' needs contributes to the growth in living standard of products' users.