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πŸ’‘#UNV Wrist Temperature Reader Solution #AvailableNow

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πŸ’‘#UNV Wrist Temperature Reader Solution #AvailableNow

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Uniview OET-213H-BTS1-This solution is designed to accurately measure temperature via the wrist, detect if mask is being worn coupled with Facial Recognition Access Control.

With an extremely attractive price point the solution is ideal for many businesses including SMEs, restaurants, offices, gyms, hotels, schools, building sites, airports and hospitals.

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βœ…Available Now
βœ… Fast Install & Deployment βœ… Accurate Temperature Screening
βœ…οΈ UK Voice Prompts & Light Alerts
βœ…οΈ 11 person per minute efficiency

βœ…οΈ No Mask Detection βœ… Easy Management via. Web Browser or Free Software

βœ… Reusable After COVID-19 as standalone or part of a wider access control solution

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Advertising Mode and UK Voice Pack

Advertising Mode and UK Voice Pack

Advertising Mode:

  • Advertise Important Messages when system is idle
  • 3 Advertisements can be uploaded to the system
  • Brand Logo and text based message can also be user updated

UK Voice Pack

  • We pre-configure our units with UK voice pack to ensure a professional deployment!




Temperature Detection and/or Mask Wearing Detection

InterfaceTemperature Screening:

  • Non-Contact Temperature Scanning with Warning for Abnormal Temperature
  • Deny Access if abnormal
    temperature is 
  • Optionally bind temperature reading with personnel information

Mask Detection:

  • Mask Detection Recognition 
  • Deny Access if NO mask is detected
  • Warning for person if no mask is detected


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 Is Wrist Temperature Accurate vs. Forehead Measurement? 

Medical research

This medical study found that Wrist Measurement is more stable than forehead measurement under different circumstance.

Both measurements have great fever screening abilities for indoor patients.

Access the full article here Download the PDF here

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