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Alibaba invests $520m in Uniview Parent Company

Posted by Martin Griffin on 12-Jun-2019 08:56:36
Martin Griffin
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Alibaba Group (listed on NYSE as BABA) has acquired a 15% stake in TransInfo, the parent company of Uniview. The deal is worth in the region of $520m USD (RMB 3.59 billion) and makes Alibaba Group the 2nd largest shareholder of TransInfo.

TransInfo in April of 2017 acquired Uniview from US private equity firm Bain Capital in a deal itself worth $535 million USD. TransInfo acquired Uniview to enhance its capability in intelligent transportation and security. 

In conjunction with the investment Alibaba Group has made, Alibaba Cloud and TransInfo announced a framework agreement to focus on the development of smart solutions within the transportation area and edge computing.

We see this news as a positive step for Uniview brand as it will vastly increase Uniview's R&D capabilities into the future.

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