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System Clock - Daylight Savings Time

Posted by Mark Costello on 26-Mar-2021 09:00:00

It's that time of year again where we usually get a number of queries on fixing the clock after the clocks have gone forward. It goes without saying that for a camera system to correctly do its' job, the system time and date must be correct.

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Choosing a Shock Detector

Posted by Bert McGaughey on 03-Feb-2021 10:30:43

Shock detectors have been critical components of intruder alarm systems in Ireland for several years - they are a crucial element of perimeter protection for all properties. 

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Grow your business with SATEL

Posted by Bert McGaughey on 11-Jan-2021 18:09:42

End users, especially in the domestic market always expect more for their money and a traditional intruder alarm system is often a reluctant expense for homeowners. It’s not a purchase which excites them like the latest iPhone or a new car, it’s a reluctant investment to protect their property and family.

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Our Cornavirus (COVID-19) Response

Posted by Martin Griffin on 22-Oct-2020 08:00:00

Dear Customer,

This post has been updated (effective from 22nd October, 2020) in-line with the Irish Government moving the Republic of Ireland to Level 5 measures.

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Labgear Long Distance📏 Fibre Optic HDMI Cabling

Posted by Martin Griffin on 06-Oct-2020 09:05:22

2~100m Fibre Optic 4K/18Gbps HDMI Cable's

Plug in your HDMI cable at ease with a generous length of up to 100m!

The fibre-optic cores allow you to enjoy Ultra-High Definition signals over long distances without any fear of interference.


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Special features in SATEL OPAL Plus detectors

Posted by Bert McGaughey on 17-Sep-2020 10:30:09

The OPAL Plus is an external dual-tech (PIR+MW) motion detector with anti-masking and remote configuration as well as an integrated dusk sensor.

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🚚 Dahua Innovation Van / 🏆 Win a €200 booking.com voucher

Posted by IC Plus on 01-Sep-2020 08:45:00

Dahua's Innovation Van 🚚

See, feel and experience Dahua's latest technology first hand on board the innovation van.

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Dahua Solution Guide to Mask Detection 🚨 😷

Posted by Martin Griffin on 18-Aug-2020 13:07:37

Dahua's Solution Guide to Mask Detection

With the wearing of Masks now becoming more relevant in the fight against COVID, technology solutions can help retailers and other organisations detect and promote the use of face/mask coverings.

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Dahua TiOC (3 in 1 Cameras) Full Colour, Active Deterrence & AI

Posted by Martin Griffin on 27-Jul-2020 17:38:40

Dahua's new industry-leading TiOC (3-in-1) camera offers Full-colour, Active Deterrence and AI, all-in-one smart innovative solution.

With false alarm rates less than 2%, a significantly improved search function and built in AI coding delivering a 90% reduction in disk space required this new addition to Dahua's range can help improve the efficiency and cost of running your CCTV system.

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Ever wanted to have HD CCTV images on every TV in your property? Well, it's now possible with this new HD Labgear EM1001 modulator.

Posted by John Pigott on 17-Jun-2020 08:15:00

Give your existing TV system a Security channel plus Add more channels to Any TV System Now with HDMI Loop Through to Local Display. 

This Labgear EM1001 Modulator Converts the HDMI Signal from any HDMI Source/ DVR/NVR into an HDTV format. This simply allows you to program the video output from your CCTV system onto a dedicated TV Channel. 

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